Tuition Fees

NIA Comprehensive Tuition
2024-2025 Academic Year Tuition Table
Grades New Student Registration Fees Annual Curriculum Fee Tuition Fees Annually 10 Monthly Installments
Preschool & Prekindergarten $125
(One Time Fee) Per Child
$500 $7500 $750
Kindergarten – 12th Grade $125
(One Time Fee) Per Child
$500 $7500 $750

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New Student Registration and Assessment Fee

The $125 fee is due on the day of assessment.

Annual Curriculum Fee

The $500 Curriculum Fee is due upon enrollment/re-enrollment. Curriculum Fees helps pay for educational materials that include: books, standardized testing, technology, and other testing fees.

Multiple Child Discount

The first child is full tuition, then a $250 deduction for the total annual tuition of the additional children.

Bus Transportation

$175 per month for the first child

$100 per month for the second child

$50 per month for each subsequent (3+) child.

There is $50/month transportation discount (up to $500 total per school year) for students living outside at least 30 miles radius from NIA. Please check with school administration to see if your child qualifies.