Pre-Kindergarten 3

Yasmin Ali

Pre-K3 Teacher

B.S. Psychology with Criminology, University of Huddersfield, UK, 2007

Pre-Kindergarten 3 Curriculum


While the Pre-K 3 program focuses on developing fine motor, gross motor, and social-emotional skills, children are introduced to age-appropriate academic activities.

The program implements a theme-based curriculum that organizes information around a unified context. The themes are organized under three main categories: Me and My Community, Nature, and Ecosystems. Each month, preschoolers are invited to explore new ideas and build connections with an interdisciplinary, multi-sensory approach. Teachers use music, art, dramatic play, storytelling, games, books, and experiments to ignite imagination and bring the theme to life in four weeks of wonder.


Child must be three years old by August 15. All children must be potty trained to attend the Early Childhood program.

The school implements a research-based curriculum that is aligned with state early learning developmental standards and weaves 35 skills into playful games and discovery projects. The cross-disciplinary model supports a child’s ongoing social-emotional, physical, language, and cognitive development.