Ladna Hashimi

Ladna Hashimi

Upper School Arabic Teacher

The (language) that Allah chose is Arabic. He revealed His glorious book, The Quran, in this language, and He made it the tongue of His final and last prophet, Muhammad (PBUH). Therefore, we say it is befitting for everyone that has the ability to learn this language to do so.

Imam Shafi'i, as quoted by Ibn Taymiyya in Iqtida Sirat al-Mustaqim


My love for the Arabic language began with reading my own fathers books as a little girl. I then furthered my studies in the language during my undergraduate degree at the King Saud University and later during my associates degree. Following my passion, I started teaching my own children this beautiful language and dreamt of teaching others.

To develop my teaching skills, I am always on the lookout for opportunities and new ideas that could spark students’ interest and build connection with the language. As an Arabic teacher, my goal is to spread my love and passion for the language to my students as I personalize their learning environment and create stimulating and engaging activities. When students start conducting conversations in Arabic and make mistakes, I always remind them that failing is not the opposite of success, but it is part of it.


  • A.A., Arabic/Islamic studies, Islamic American University, 2012
  • Arabic Coursework, King Saud University, 1987