Middle School

Schedule Highlights

Morning Meeting

Each morning, students and teachers gather together in a circle for twenty to thirty minutes. Using the Responsive Classroom approach, students greet each other, share stories, and participate in discussions to build a strong classroom community. Teachers embed our faith core values as they incorporate meaningful activities and model positive interactions.

Class Period

The average class period is 45 minutes. A transitional time of 5 minutes is allocated to allow students to transition between classes.


Every day, students engage in 15-20 minutes of unstructured play time where they can play, move, think, imagine, and socialize with their peers. On rainy days, students get indoor recess playing activities of their choice. Studies suggest that at least one daily recess period improves students’ academic performance, social skills, and classroom behavior.

Prayer Time

Students perform a daily Zuhr prayer and Friday prayer in congregation at the ICN Bellevue Masjid. The prayer time is a time where students disconnect from their daily school activities and connect with the Creator to strengthen their spirituality. Students apply their Islamic knowledge as they call for the prayer, perform prayer, and make supplications after prayer. Many of the prayers are student-led, empowering students to share their faith and knowledge with peers. After the prayer, students attend a short talk and stories that emphasize our spiritual and moral values.

SEL Period

Twice a week, students receive direct instructions on social-emotional learning (SEL). Teachers use interactive modeling and purposeful activities to teach SEL skills such as self-regulation, self-awareness, self-management, etc. The classes are part of the school character program that is based on our 4Cs model; Conscience, Compassion, Control, Courage.

Advisory Meeting

Once a week, students meet with the principal to learn healthy character traits, discuss adolescent challenges,address concerns, and reflect on current events. It is an organized break from their day-to-day work that provides a safe space for open communication.

The middle school curriculum emphasizes a balance between academic skills and soft skills. It is designed to prepare students for high school in terms of content knowledge as well as essential life skills such as work ethics and time management.