Head of School

Principal Rashid Abdus-Salaam is a current doctoral student in Educational Leadership at Trevecca Nazarene University. He holds a Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction and a bachelor’s in history. Additionally, he is a co-author of the book, “Seeing the Good in Students,” and a consulting instructor for the Center of Responsive Classrooms. As a veteran teacher and passionate educator, he has served the NIA and Nashville community for many years. Principal Rashid’s educational background, experience, and passion for education position him to lead NIA to new heights and fulfill its mission to “Educate the whole child in an Islamic environment where students are spiritually nurtured, challenged academically, engaged, healthy, safe, and supported in order to contribute positively in a diverse society.”

Principal Rashid believes that children are the cornerstone of every society. Therefore, every student should develop the necessary tools to allow them to lead the next generation of pioneers. Because every child is unique and diverse in their way of thinking, it is upon educators to make their teaching curriculum universal to reach the needs of the ever-changing demographics. He also believes that teachers must raise their educational standards for their students but be relentless in their approach to making sure that students succeed at becoming well-rounded citizens. The essence of education should be to think outside of the standard teaching norm and create an action plan that reflects real-world scenarios that apply to everyday situations.

Principal Rashid is a passionate advocate for SEL (social and emotional learning) and the Whole-Child mission and vision that sets NIA apart from other schools. He values diversity in his teachers and staff and continues educating himself on current education trends. He understands that the keys to success lie when there is a village that raises a child. He is prepared to embark on this new role as NIA’s Interim Principal and is excited to work with NIA’s admins, teachers, board members, parents, and community members to achieve NIA’s vision to serve humanity by developing exemplary scholars committed to living Islam through academic excellence, good character, service, and leadership.

Please join us in welcoming Principal Rashid. We look forward to another exciting and productive year at NIA under his leadership, inshaAllah.